“The cloud of race obscures our vision and limits our ability to see each other as peers in the universe”


Let’s talk about race

Robert & Roberts, LLCA husband and wife team.

Robert & Roberts, LLC  is a husband and wife team of highly experienced, trained professionals who provide consulting services for organizations and institutions who wish to engage in conversations about race with skill and facility.

At Roberts & Roberts, we have an antithetical approach to discussing race when compared with the current status quo. We do not endorse the notions of “cultural sensitivity” or “diversity training”, nor do we support the idea that people must agree with each other.  

About Roberts and Roberts

Terrence RobertsTerrence Roberts, PhD is a retired clinical psychologist who is most notably known as one of the Little Rock Nine, a group of African American teenagers who were the first to integrate a formerly all-white high school in Little Rock Arkansas in 1957. Dr. Roberts has been involved in leading dialogues about race throughout his 30 plus year career. In addition to adding his expertise to "Roberts and Roberts" talkingaboutrace, he is CEO of Terrence Roberts Consulting, a firm offering problem solving skills to business and industry. (terrenceroberts.com) Dr. Roberts is the author of "Lessons From Little Rock," a memoir of his experiences at Central High School, and "Simple Not Easy, Reflections on Community, Social Responsibility, and Tolerance”.

Dr. Terrence Roberts has extensive experience in working with law enforcement personnel around racial issues.  Currently he is a faculty member at the Tools for Tolerance program at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA; Among the many programs offered there is a Senior Leadership Institute for law enforcement; Dr. Roberts is an active member of the training team.  He has led racial dialogues in public and private venues including educational institutions, business settings, churches, community centers, and city libraries. Dr. Roberts is an active Board member of the Western Justice Center Foundation, The Economic Resources Center, Facing History and Ourselves, and the Grace Hopper STEM Academy

Rita RobertsRita Roberts, PhD University of California, Berkeley, is professor of History and Africana Studies at Scripps College and the Claremont College Consortium. Dr. Roberts has researched, written, and taught courses on the meaning and significance of race in American society and the world for more than two decades. She has also led workshops and dialogues about the salience of race at universities, colleges and churches and spoken about how to navigate the racial terrain in various venues including professional and social organizations. Dr. Roberts is currently writing a book with Dr. Terrence Roberts entitled, "Navigating The Racial Terrain in America."

Dr. Rita Roberts brings over twenty five years of experience as professor of History and Africana Studies at the Claremont Colleges in southern California.  She brings a much needed historical perspective for understanding how race has functioned and continues to function in the United States. Dr. Roberts shares her nearly three decades of teaching on this topic with interested organizations and institutions.

The Roberts & Roberts Difference

Conflict is inevitable when humans sit down to talk about issues of importance. At Roberts & Roberts, LLC, we have learned that it is necessary to use conflict as a stepping stone to growth, action, and eventual change. Knowledge is liberating and talking about race can expand our sense of awareness which can lead to action and real change. Race permeates our entire society and affects us in distinct ways as individuals, groups, organizations and institutions.  Our combined experience can help members of your organization or institution develop a better understanding of the issues and what to do about them.

For many years we have been concerned about the lack of meaningful dialogue around issues of race in our society.  Our interest is in helping individuals and groups in schools, colleges, universities, businesses, churches, social organizations, health services institutions, police organizations, news organizations, city councils, and other places where people gather, to develop skills in starting and sustaining meaningful dialogues about race. Dialogue is only the first step toward enacting real change; it is the positive actions taken as the dialogues continue that organizations and institutions are re-shaped and re-formed.

We are as interested in providing opportunities for sustained dialogue for those who are negatively impacted by racism in our society as well as those who are not.  In some places overt conversations about race are stifled because of feelings of discomfort and/or fears that others may be offended; in others substantive conversations about race are difficult to sustain because of emotional distress based on current and past experiences. Yet, unspoken thoughts and emotions about race continue to interfere with the ability to function effectively and efficiently. We know only too well the frustrations of experiencing racism and, because there is such a fear of explosive, visceral exchange, few attempts have been made to address the ongoing racial issues.  We offer the expertise you need to start your racial dialogue.  With a combined total of nearly fifty years of professional experience, we will help you learn to navigate the racial terrain.

Roberts & Roberts is a qualified team ready and willing to help start a substantive dialogue about race which will, in turn, provide a foundation for needed action.  Talking alone will not resolve racial issues, but talking about race can help us discover the actions we need to take in order to create a more equitable society. Get in touch today and let’s talk.

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